The Vaguely Interesting Rants of a Monster.

The Good, The Bad and The Ulgy.
July 11, 2007, 4:15 am
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Some good finally.  I’m able to pay my bills without having to borrow from my Credit card. 
This means that I can start shaving off the debt and getting ready for saving up for a new car next year.   Call me weird, but I cleaned up my living room and now I have carpet.  The other day, I mopped my Kitchen floor and its no longer sticky/yucky.   

The Bad?  I’m fighting fatigue again.  The stupid job PTS dealie is wearing me out.  So I’m eating crap and gaining weight to keep up.  This isn’t good.  Time to turn this shit around. 

The Ugly?  I’m falling behind in my expectations with PC Santa.  I’m also slowly loosing my mind.   Every day, I get up and plan my day, but I’m damn lucky if I get up in time for work.  Getting to work really sucks because there are rarely enough desks to log in.  And I’m not sure if I’m even doing a good job. 

 Meanwhile, I’m watching my favorite forum, The liberal forum implode since it changed owners.   This Thread should prove quite entertaining.  Warning foul language. 


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