The Vaguely Interesting Rants of a Monster.

What a Day (and Night.)
July 13, 2007, 11:42 pm
Filed under: car

Had a day off from work yesterday.  No OT this time.  So I slept in, rode my bike out to my mother house, mowed the lawn and mounted an American Flag on her porch.  Had a decent dinner of baked chicken and something called Fennel?  Its was a starchy but ok.

 It was about 10:45pm when I rode my bicycle home.  It was somewhat dark, but I was at a lit crossway.  I nearly got creamed by a pickup truck driver.  I yelled out “Watchit Fucker!”  He responded by yelling that I need to put lights on my bicycle.  I was pissed, but in retrospect, he was right and I should’ve been more careful.  Sorry.

 So I went grocery shopping after work, picked up the food stuffs.  Filled my gas tank and bought an overpriced bottle of Tylenol.  Slept until 7am today.

Got up, got 5 computers out of storage.  Striped and piled about 7 computers in my car.  Took them to the dump.  Felt good to reduce the trash load.  Got my oil changed too. 

 About 10 minutes ago, my mother came to my desk and told me that they towed her car.  I offered to let her borrow mine so she can get home.  She’s going to call Mark, my oldest cousin.  Its going to cost her $120 dollars to get her car out of stock. 

 Shit rolls down hill.


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